Inspiration: It Can Be Done

I’ve been working on tons of things like this but … I get discouraged. Only a couple have made it to the blog but let me just tell you how inspiring Shakespeare’s Words is!

Click for 1261 x 928

Click for 1261 x 928

The above is the first one I found while trying to find out, exactly, where in Romeo & Juliet there is a funeral scene. If you’re wondering as well, there isn’t. A composer and writer added the scene in 1750. Both Elizabeth Arnold and, her daughter, Eliza Arnold (Edgar Allan Poe’s grandmother and mother, respectively) had, among their first parts, roles in this scene.

Click for 1335 x 954

Click for 1335 x 954

For your enjoyment and edification are Hamlet, above, and Macbeth, below. Can’t follow the game without a program.

Click for 921 x 651

Click for 921 x 651

Thanks again to Shakespeare’s Words — a most awesome site!


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2 Responses to Inspiration: It Can Be Done

  1. Natalie says:

    Romeo and Juliet is actually a comedy until the final act. Think about it.

  2. Jay Sprout says:

    Well, duh. In Shakespeare In Love, he even says, “It’s not a comedy I am writing now” … *rolls eyes*

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